About Artsmith Studio

Artsmith Studio provides individualized art instruction in a group setting with a limited number of students. This studio method allows students to learn and progress at their own pace as they learn new techniques. The instructor focuses on the abilities, and interests of each student offering individualized attention and encouragement guiding them to pursue their own goals of creativity. The students will learn basic techniques and progress into more challenging techniques and media such as watercolor, colored pencils, inks, acrylic, and oil.

Beginners will develop technical drawing skills utilizing drawing materials such as charcoal, pencils, pastel, and ink with a focus on line, value, and color. Advanced students will build upon their existing technical and conceptual knowledge as the instructor develops challenges to push the students work in new directions. Striving to teach them proficiency in their current medium while allowing exploration based on their interests. ie. portraiture, landscape, abstraction, installation, cartooning, sculptural assemblage, and sequential art (comics and manga).

The studio practice will allow the students to utilize a combination of references for their work such as still life, initial drawings, source photographs, and imagination. Enabling Artsmith Studio students to pursue personal artistic interests, engage in new individual projects, collaborate with each other and participate in all-inclusive class projects.  Keeping a sketchbook or artistic journal is encouraged, but not required for students. Artsmith Studio students are individually instructed in a classroom setting. Each class is kept to a limited number of students to allow this type of instruction.